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Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes General Information.

Dry eye is among the most common eye issue, and can have mild to severe effects.

There are many different symptoms associated with dry eyes, with the most common being tearing. The irritation that is due to unhealthy tears causes the brain to produce a reflex of tears to help correct the situation, but is not able to fix the underlying problem. Other symptoms of dry eyes may include:

What is Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes or dry eye syndrome, is the result of tears not being able to provide sufficient moisture to the eyes. Dry eyes can occur if you aren’t able to produce enough tears, or if the tears that are produced are of poor quality.

With dry eyes comes a feeling of discomfort that may cause your eyes to sting or burn. Dry eyes can occur more frequently in specific situations including on an airplane, in an air-conditioned room, or after staring at a computer screen, book or television for too long.

There are treatments available to improve the comfort in your eyes after experiencing dry eyes. These treatments can include changes in your life style and eye drop medication.

Dry Eyes Video Information.

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