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Patient Resources

Eye Vitamins

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) has previously demonstrated that daily oral supplementation with antioxidant vitamins and minerals can reduce the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by 25% at 5 years. Advanced AMD was defined as the…

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Your Appointment

Your appointment: Now that you are scheduled for your consultation with one of our Specialists there are a few things to remember before arriving. We kindly ask you to bring the following with you on the day of your appointment: Eye…

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DUE to the rapid increase of Corona virus causing the COVID 19 pandemic, if you have recently travelled, are experiencing flu like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with flu like symptoms, please DO NOT come into our office but rather call us during our phone hours of Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:00 pm 604-985-0405. For the safety of our Doctor’s, staff and patients as this virus continues to spread, all appointments can be subject to cancellation and rescheduled in the near future. We will be calling you directly if we need to reschedule your appointment. Thank you for all of your understanding and support during this difficult time.